Researchers identified a novel circRNA-circ3323 and aimed to investigate the role of circ3323 in progression of bladder cancer (BCa). The findings were reported in Biochemical Genetics.

In this study, public data of RNA sequencing was used to identify significant circRNA related to BCa. CircRNAs in progression of BCa was assessed in cytotoxicity assay, transwell assay and flow cytometry, and researchers evaluated the interaction between circRNAs and miRNAs.

The findings showed that the expression of circ3323 was higher in BCa tissues and cells than in normal samples. Subsequent in vitro experiments showed that the knockdown of circ3323 inhibited cell proliferation and impeded the metastasis of BCa cells.

“Mechanistically, we demonstrated that circ3323 acts as a sponge for miR-186-5p and promotes host gene APP’s expression. Clinically, circ3323 predicts worse overall survival of BCa patients, indicating its prognostic value,” the researchers wrote of the findings.

Keywords: Bladder cancer, Malignant progression, circ3323, miRNA-186