The level of disease knowledge among type 2 diabetes patients in Southeast Asia is low, according to a study published in The Review of Diabetic Studies.

Researchers performed a systematic search of English language articles published between 1990 and June 2019 using six electronic databases. Inclusion criteria required quantitative studies that assessed knowledge of T2D patients in Southeast Asian countries. Data were extracted and a meta-analysis was conducted. Overall, out of over 6,000 articles retrieved: seven met inclusion criteria, consisting of 1,749 T2D patents.

The calculated mean knowledge score was 55.6% (95% CI, 7.6 to 103.6). Five types of assessment tools were identified ranging from five to 41 questions that focused on disease specifics, treatment, and nutrition. The researchers observed that age, education level, and glycemic control were the most common factors impacting knowledge.

The level of knowledge among T2D patients in Southeast Asia was unsatisfactory, especially in older patients with low education levels and poor glycemic control. Hence, an appropriate educational plan should be prioritized to these groups,” the researchers concluded.

Keywords:  type 2 diabetes, Southeast Asia, glycemic control