Perspectives on Specialist-Led Cardiovascular Disease Prevention in Psoriatic Disease

Researchers surveyed patients with psoriatic diseases and dermatologists for their perspectives on engaging with specialists for cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk management. In their study, published in JAMA Dermatology, the authors reported that both dermatologists and patients had favorable perspectives on specialist-led CVD prevention.

The experimental survey study asked 183 dermatologists from the National Psoriasis Foundation and the American Academy of Dermatology to rank strategies by their potential to improve CVD prevention in patients with psoriatic diseases. Primary analyses end points of the clinician perspective were a preference score from 0 to 100, as well as perceived feasibility of calculating scores for 10-year CVD risk and prescribing statins.

A total of 160 patients with psoriasis and 162 patients with psoriatic arthritis were surveyed on feasibility of screening for CVD by a specialist, and the primary perspective analysis end point was likelihood to engage in CVD prevention strategies—such as diet and exercise and checking cholesterol levels—based on the recommendation coming from a specialist or primary care physician.

Dermatologists ranked clinical decision support (22.3; 95% CI, 20.7-24.0), patient education (14.1; 95% CI, 12.5-15.7), and clinician education (15.8; 95% CI, 14.3-17.3) as the specialist-led strategies most likely to improve CVD outcomes in patients with psoriatic diseases. The authors also reported that 69.3% (95% CI, 62.2-76.0) of responding dermatologists felt screening lipid levels was feasible.

Among the 160 respondents with psoriasis and 162 respondents with psoriatic arthritis, patients were equally as likely to engage in risk management strategies whether recommended by a specialist or primary care physician. The majority of patients felt it would be convenient for them to have their cholesterol checked by their dermatologist or rheumatologist.

Ultimately, the authors noted that both patients with psoriatic diseases and their providers felt that including CVD prevention strategies, as led by a cardiovascular specialist, was feasible for improving risk management in these patients.


Barbieri JS, Beidas RS, Gondo GC, et al. Analysis of Specialist and Patient Perspectives on Strategies to Improve Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Among Persons With Psoriatic Disease. JAMA Dermatol. 2022;158(3):252-259. doi:10.1001/jamadermatol.2021.4467