Remote electrical neuromodulation (REN) may provide a viable treatment option for menstrual migraines, according to a study published in Pain and Therapy.

“Menstrual migraines are typically more debilitating and less responsive to pharmacological treatment,” the authors noted.

In this retrospective, observational study, researchers evaluated the outcomes of REN among 91 women (age range = 18-55 years) who experienced menstrual-related or pure menstrual migraine. The entire population completed least four REN treatments. Researchers administered a short online survey which assessed the effectiveness, satisfaction, and safety outcomes related to REN.

According to the results, almost 75% of participants reported that the REN treatment was at least moderately effective and 45% reported satisfaction from the treatment. However, 34% were not satisfied. In encouraging results, the researchers found that 100% of the participants reported that the treatment is at least moderately tolerable, while only 13% of respondents reported mild short-term side effects.

“[REN was] reported as effective for menstrual migraine by most participants and was very well tolerated,” the authors concluded. “Therefore, REN may provide a safe, non-pharmacological alternative for the acute treatment of menstrual migraine.”

Source: Pain and Therapy


Keywords: Analgesia, Headache, Menstrual pain, Menstruation, Migraine, Nerivio, REN, Remote electric neuromodulation, Treatment, Women’s health