Researchers from the Diet and Psoriasis Project aim to look into dietary factors associated with severity of psoriasis through an observational study and dietary intervention trial evaluating the impact of the Mediterranean diet (MedD) and time-restricted eating (TRE) on psoriasis. As an approach in managing psoriasis, diet has been introduced to reduce bodyweight and inflammation. Through a review, researchers dive into the possible effects of both TRE and MedD on psoriasis severity, looking to answer the question if intervening with diet could be beneficial to patients with psoriasis.

Reference: Zanesco S, Hall W, Gibson R, Griffiths C, Maruthappu T. Approaches to nutrition intervention in plaque psoriasis, a multi-system inflammatory disease-The Diet and Psoriasis Project (DIEPP). Nutr Bull. 2022;47(4):524-537. doi:10.1111/nbu.12580