Alvin Mena Cantero is a board-certified doctor in nursing practice (DNP) & family nurse practitioner (FNP-C) who founded Alvin Clinica Familiar with the main purpose of providing a higher quality of care to underserved communities such as homeless, veterans and uninsured peoples. Thanks to this initiative, he has served as a clinical mentor for more than 166 PA and NP students from different universities with a total of 18.000 hours precepted but provided healthcare services to a total of 15.768 patients diagnosed and treated with 100 % of satisfaction as per more than 360 Google, Yelp and Facebook reviews.

His work also focuses on family practice, allergy-immunology and urgent care setting at Memorial Hermann Hospital System. By working in different settings he is applying different skills and strategies focused on disease prevention, healthcare promotion and research-clinical strategies focused to enhance education and risk perception among underserved populations, but engage federal institutions within communities with provider shortage, but the critical need of healthcare services. Dr. Cantero has also sponsored himself few international volunteer fairs and mission trips to Mexico, Egypt, Slovenia/Croatia, China, Honduras, India, Cuba, Guatemala, Morocco, Puerto Rico and recently Cambodia and Thailand. His main purpose is to spread primary care education, leadership strategies, and community advocacy skills at a worldwide level.