Mentoring Program

POCN has listened to the requests of the NP/PA community to develop a program to help with professional growth, and responded with an exciting and unique mentoring program.

Enhance your professional development and make an impact in your community by joining as a POCN mentor or mentee. The goal for this platform is to facilitate cultivating professional development – and ultimately greater patient care – through peer support.

Learning from Providers with different experiences and specialties

Nick Lumi, PA-C


Whether you are an experienced professional looking to refine your career advancement skills, someone in career transition, or just getting started as a new Nurse Practitioner or PA, all PAs and NPs are welcomed to register as POCN Mentees. POCN will pair Mentees to Mentoring groups based on career aspirations and goals. Our Mentoring teams will provide a safe, supportive environment to encourage accountability and best practice sharing. REGISTRATION IS OPEN ONLY UNTIL JULY 2, 2021.
To register you will need: Current CV
Your journey awaits! Limited slots are available.

Register as a Mentee

Peer Coaching

If you are still interested in supporting the NP/PA community but have less time to commit, you can still be involved. Consider registering as a POCN Peer Coach. Peer coaches will have opportunities to provide valuable support to NP/PAs. For those who are interested in supporting other NP/PAs but either do not have the time to commit to the requirements or are just shy of the criteria for mentors, register to be a peer coach.

To register as a peer coach you will need: Current CV

Register as a Peer Coach

Benefits of Mentoring for NPs

Kate Morgan, NP

The Importance of Mentoring

Bobbie Morici, PA-C


Mentoring relationships are a shared opportunity for learning and growth. The mentor-mentee relationship is just as rewarding for the mentor as it is for the mentee. As an NP/PA mentor, your professional and/or clinical experience will serve as an invaluable resource to mentees who are looking for direction in their professional development or who need a trusted advisor to help them cope with the challenges they face in their profession. Mentors display leadership qualities – playing critical roles in increasing knowledge, assisting in defining and setting realistic goals and expectations, and offering feedback and guidance – to enhance professional growth.

There are a limited number of paid mentor opportunities, which require a commitment to mentor a group of 5 to 6 mentees over 6 months.

To register as a mentor you will need: Current CV

Register as a Mentor