Raquelle Akavan has over a decade of experience, practicing primarily in surgical subspecialties such as neurological and orthopedic surgery before moving on to leadership roles in education and advocacy. Raquelle obtained a master’s in PA studies from Pace University-Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan and is currently enrolled in the Doctor of Medical Science (DMSc) program at the University of Lynchburg. Raquelle started her career in New York City, later relocating to Austin, Texas, in 2018 with her husband and two children.

In addition to her work as a clinical PA, Akavan has been an active leader in the PA community and has taken on several influential roles in the profession. She helped found and develop South University’s PA program in Austin as the Director of Clinical Education. In October 2016, Akavan founded PA Moms, an American Academy of Physician Associates (AAPA) Constituent Organization, and in 2021, she co-founded PAs for Women Empowerment.

In addition to her involvement in creating PA organizations, Raquelle has been an active member of the Texas Academy of PAs, leading multiple initiatives on the PR, membership, and House of Delegates committees. Moreover, Raquelle is the chair of the AAPA Constituent Organizations Work Group (CRWG) for the 2023-2024 year.

Raquelle is a natural community builder with a unique understanding of the PA community as the leader of the largest AAPA Special Interest Group (SIG).

Raquelle has proven to be an effective leader with a profound dedication to mentoring and supporting her peers. She has an exceptional ability to bring people together and build a sense of community. Her strategic thinking and planning skills are demonstrated by her ability to build and lead these medical organizations.