At the 2022 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, researchers reported findings from the analysis of the SOFT trial, identifying that the Breast Cancer Index (BCI) accurately recognized women who were premenopausal with hormone receptor-positive early breast cancer who may benefit from ovarian function suppression additionally with adjuvant endocrine therapy. Ruth O’Reagan, MD, stated that, “The BCI is the first genomic assay to demonstrate benefit from ovarian suppression, supporting the additional clinical utility of this test in premenopausal women.”

A total of 3,047 premenopausal women with hormone receptor-positive breast cancer were included in the SOFT trial who were randomly assigned to either tamoxifen alone, tamoxifen with ovarian suppression, or exemestane with ovarian suppression for five years. In the latest evaluation, researchers saw that the exemestane plus ovarian suppression group had a 3% absolute improvement in 12-year distant recurrence–free survival vs tamoxifen alone. If the results summarized in this article are validated through future data, Dr. O’Reagan noted that there could be a new tool in assessing premenopausal patients in the clinical setting.

Reference: Helwick C. SOFT Analysis: Breast Cancer Index May Identify Which Patients Need Ovarian Suppression. The ASCO Post. Published February 10, 2023. Accessed March 3, 2023.