Continuous nursing interventions can benefit patients with advanced breast cancer by reducing the incidence of intraoperative pressure ulcers (PUs), according to a study published in Gland Surgery.

Researchers searched the Cochrane Library, PubMed, Web of Science, Embase, and Chinese Biomedical Literature Database for relevant data. In total, they analyzed 1431 patients enrolled in 9 studies.

The meta-analysis results demonstrated a marked difference between the nursing intervention group and the control group in the incidence of PUs, as well as better quality of life after nursing intervention.

The investigators concluded that continuous nursing care can attenuate PUs in patients with advanced breast cancer and reduce the severity of wounds associated with PUs. Nursing intervention may also enhance knowledge of PUs in this patient population.

Reference: Ding L, Ding S, He C, Zhang Q, An J. The efficacy of continuing nursing interventions on intraoperative pressure ulcer-related complications in breast cancer patients: systematic review and meta-analysis. Gland Surg. 2022;11(6):1078-1085. doi:10.21037/gs-22-258