Researchers aimed to analyze the clinical value of the traditional Chinese medicinal formula Xiaozheng decoction combined with bladder perfusion for treating bladder post-operation, and its effect on serum miR-143 and miR-92a. The results appeared in the Journal of Healthcare Engineering.

In this study, control group subjects were treated with gemcitabine bladder instillation, while patients in the study group were treated with the combination of gemcitabine bladder instillation and Xiaozheng decoction. Subsequently, the investigators compared clinical efficacy, postoperative adverse effects, and recurrence between the two groups, with miR-143 and miR-92a levels, immune function levels, and tumor factor levels compared before and after treatment.

The results showed that the treatment efficacy was robust in the study group (86.67%), and the occurrence of adverse reactions and recurrence were significantly decreased (P < 0.05). “The efficacy of Xiaozheng decoction combined with bladder perfusion in treating postoperative patients with bladder cancer was significant, which could reduce the incidence of adverse reactions and postoperative recurrence rate, improve serum tumor marker levels, and enhance patients’ immunity with a good prognosis,” the researchers wrote of the findings.

Keywords: Xiaozheng decoction, bladder perfusion, bladder cancer