As some studies of the relationship between the dysbiosis of the gut microbiota and psoriasis have had conflicting results, researchers of this study looked to evaluate differences in the composition of the microbiome in patients with and without psoriasis. They also used a second strategy in comparing participants with their healthy partners. Fecal microbiota was assessed in 32 patients with plaque psoriasis who were untreated, 15 healthy controls, and 17 healthy couples by metagenomic gene sequencing. There was a difference between the intestinal microbiota of patients with psoriasis compared with healthy controls and the partners of these patients. There was also a difference in microbiota in those with severe psoriasis and those who had milder disease. Findings of the study support the connection between intestinal flora and psoriasis.

Reference: Wen C, Pan Y, Gao M, Wang J, Huang K, Tu P. Altered gut microbiome composition in nontreated plaque psoriasis patients. Microb Pathog. 2023;175:105970. doi:10.1016/j.micpath.2023.105970